Welcome To Fortnite Season 8

Welcome To Fortnite Season 8 the cube is returning and we're getting a naruto crossover here are some new leaks about fortnite's chapter 2 season 8. let's start with the minty legends pack this is a pack that's. Expected to be coming out on november 2nd of this, year around the same time that the minty axe was released in 2019 and this pack is going to have three skins in it the fresh aura. Minty bomber and skelement oro this pack is also going to have three pickaxes, included in it as well as three backblings and one weapon wrap to mix things up then another good thing is the inclusion of a thousand v-bucks with this back and we all know. Fort nightmares is going to be returning this update. So fortnite's also releasing something called the sideways this is something monster related according to hypex then these things have different loop tiers because some are weak and you have some that.

Are super strong and it appears that they're going to be dropping purple or. Gold loot when you eliminate them and it seems like there will. Be one called zigzag that could potentially come with the jump scare so it looks like fortnite might be doing another jump scare prank this halloween so, be on the lookout for that for your own good it also seems like we should be receiving another walking dead collab sometime in season 8.. And they might be doing this because they didn't really go all out, with the first walking dead collaboration that they did in chapter 2 season 5., i mean if they added something walking dead related to the map back then it wouldn't have really gone with the theme of the season they, already had the mandalorian on the map and the skins from this new walking dead collab we should be on the.

Lookout for are negan and rick grimes i sure hope we'd be getting both of those and we're supposed to be seeing a new game mode. Sometime soon called open world mode we can all see that fortnite. Loves testing out new stuff since they recently introduced an among us game mode and some version of this open world mode is 100 coming sometime soon because it, got leaked when some of epic's court documents were. Released to the public in may then a few things we'll be getting in this mode are new weapons pois and landmarks a few of those are an abandoned hotel military, bases and mines i know i can't wait until this gets released as well, as some new vehicles and items because according to hypex there are some upcoming items that you'll be able to obtain or consume and a, few of these are invisibility double jump shield bubble and some more then there's, also a possibility that we might be getting some new vehicles that, sound really cool to me and a few of them are party van dune buggy hmv and more some of these vehicles sound like they're being made specifically for the open, world mode if you ask me or a few of.

Them might actually go with the naruto crossover that we'll be getting in season 8. this skin should have been added to the game during chapter 2 season 5 since, it would have gone perfectly with the theme of that season but at the time epic didn't have the rights to release the skin, so they just decided to add mandalorian and delay naruto but now though epic has the rights to get, some naruto action in fortnite so i'd say. There's about an 80 chance that we'll be getting a naruto skin next season and i think he might be the secret skin similar to rick then when that, morty skin got leaked a will smith skin was revealed as well but when this one gets released the skin name isn't going to be, will smith it's going to be mike lowry since it's based on the character from the bad boys franchise. Then the price of this.

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