Season 6 Event Gameplay

Season 6 Event Gameplay that's our ticket home do not make me regret this and get that looper ready we don't have much time, blooper you again never mind looks sharp we're saving reality what did you do to the zero point it wasn't me there was an incident with this level of.

Entanglement i don't know if i could fix it if we're not giving up who said anything about giving up standby once the zero point, starts to blow there's no going back we've got portals not good those aren't portals reality is. Breaking down so we should close them what do you think yep gotcha we're on it got it instability will, get worse from here watch out for reality waves, copy we'll keep watch reality ways to change anything i'm a butterfly that was a big one everything all right down there i'm a butterfly now so no i guess, you're up i'm gonna need you to be my eyes and ears and arms and legs you're gonna have to close those, portals can you handle it of course you.

Can let's go there is no way this is good but it is beautiful good work but i'm gonna need more time keep going copy that i see three, more portals but that next one is really far i wish we could i can teleport get down, we're gonna need to find a way past the hunters actually never mind you look amazing portal uh so the. Wolves are new right whoa alternate realities are breaking through we got to keep, moving i feel like reality just doesn't like me how are we looking up there it's too much you have to keep going we've only, got one left hold on we got company thank you for those reality waves right about now uh well done that's the last one i think we got it that's intense okay, this next uh everything okay up there it's, not enough i can't stop it but i might be able to contain the blast you must be stealing yourself you don't have to do this you're, not leaving until this is done he needs our help. Come on we won't get another chance you need to seal off the zero point and overload the.

Device overload the device i'll be trapped in the loop we'll both have to find our way back no matter what happens do not give. Up i will find you and you will tell me everything you have, my word here no matter how isolated we are there is a primal force that binds us all that, drives us to adapt to journey forth in search of adventure to never ever give up to face our deepest fears no matter the consequences to confront the darkness that lurks within, that primal force demands balance the island has grown wild and so must. You you .

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