Season 2 Trailer

A whole new chapter in the Fortnite storyline has just begun and even though the new season is at its earlier state, the community is already looking forward to seeing the next big thing in their favorite Battle Royale title.

This could easily be linked to how often Epic Games releases new patch updates to keep the game fresh and this pushes players to come up with ideas for what’s going to be next.

So far, we have no information on what we’re going to see next season but since the current season is filled with new additions and are actually being tested at the moment. This will definitely lead us to balance changes rather than new features.

Fortnite Season 2 Leaked Trailer

Once any form of video is out that signals the next season, our post will be updated. In the meantime, you can watch both Battle Pass and the Cinematic trailer of Chapter 2.

The question of when is Fortnite Season 12 or Chapter 2 Season 2 with the new terms is a little bit more complicated than any other speculation we’ve made. Knowing that the current season is fairly new and it doesn’t really tell much, it may be the shortest Fortnite Battle Royale season ever.

Chapter 2 Season 1 Trailer

Although Chapter 2 is more prominent for players because of the new features, the next season is likely to bring more to the table regarding what we’ve got this season. This will all lead us to the season which is thought to be released between December 15 – December 25 or most certainly right before Christmas.

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