Season 2 Release Date

Season 2 of Chapter 2 or also known as Season 12 for the old time’s sake is definitely going to feature some quality of life improvements as the game is going to a direction that is entirely new for both the community and the developers.

Now that the old storyline has come to an end with the launch of Chapter 1, we are in a new age where almost everything is unfamiliar. Sure, the game mechanic’s are pretty much still the same but what the community is used to seeing is taken to a whole another level.

So what this does is that it makes everything so much harder for the community to speculate what we are likely to see next season but after that, we will certainly have an idea of what Epic is trying to do with the next season.

When is Fortnite Season 12?

The confirmed release date hasn’t been out by Epic Games but if we look at last year’s data, we could make some speculations. Last year on this time around

  • Season 6 was released on September 27th
  • Season 7 was released on December 6th

Given that Season 6, which falls at pretty much the same time with Season 1 lasted for about 80 days, it could be the same with next season in Chapter 2. However, this would mean that Chapter 2 Season 2 will come out somewhere in January.

This would set Epic Games back on not delivering a Christmas theme for the community and this is very unlikely to happen. Sure, we could still have snow on the map but what would be the point without Christmas?

Fortnite Season 1 End Date

So in conclusion, Season 2 of Chapter is believed to be released somewhere between December 15th and Christmas.

In addition to the dates, since the current season brought lots of new features and there is still some sort of balance issues that the community is complaining about, the first season we’re in right now may not even last that long.

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