Season 2 Map

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is expected to be dropped near Christmas. Although Epic Games announced that the first season of the new chapter is going to last for 8-weeks, the new season may take a couple of days to be released after the current one ends. Given that normally releases new seasons the day after, this may be shifted towards a new plan for Chapter 2.

As far as what we are likely to see in the next season, the season will be released at Christmas time so we will have a bunch of Christmas and Winter themed skins in the Battle Pass. Whether we will see snow on the map or not, there will definitely be something related to the Winter. When Season 7 was launched, an icy terrain was added but this was related to the protagonist rather than the winter.

Snow and Ice in Fortnite Map

To celebrate Christmas, Epic Games will possibly release new LTMs throughout the season where we are going to see snow and ice in the Fortnite map. This is probably not going to last for long because of how long seasons last for in Fortnite has been reduced to a shorter time. This is probably because the developers are looking ahead for releasing Chapters sooner than what two years had to offer in Battle Royale.

Those who are wondering about the next season’s gameplay can visit our Chapter 2 Season 2 Leaks post from our front page. There are multiple posts we’ve made on the next season of Fortnite which you can read to find more information on them.

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