Season 2 Leaks

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 or simply Season 12 for the old time’s sake is set to be released sometime in late December. It is believed according to leaks that the next season’s theme is going to be heavily focused on Winter and Christmas since it has been this way for the last two years.

The biggest snowy terrain was introduced back in Season 7, therefore it is possible for us to see some snow in the new Fortnite island.

Will there be ice in Season 12?

The curiosity of Fortnite players is well known so the most common question regarding a snowy landscape is that if there will be ice in the map. After all, there is a large body of water surrounding the map and there basically rivers that go through the map. If it freezes and turns into ice it would mean no more fishing or driving motorboats so how everything will play out with that is a big question in our minds.

However, Epic Games may just cover a part of the map with snow just as how it was before Chapter 2 began.

Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Leaks

Season 2 or Season 12, whichever you want to call it is highly likely to feature some outfits from Season 7 and Season 8 in the Item Shop but as far as the Battle Pass goes, we know that it isn’t something we can just guess out of our minds.

The Battle Pass will feature skins that are connected with the theme of the season and given that the current season’s theme is ”Good vs. Evil”, it is probable for the community to see more of either one of them in Season 2 but this is just one of the possible ideas.

As soon as there are more leaks and rumors are out that could lead us to anywhere for Season 2, our posts will be updated. So stay tuned in to our front page! Also, you can visit for more on Season 12.

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