Season 11 Extended

Fortnite Chapter 2 has just begun and so far it’s going very slow as there were no patch updates or any other new changes to the game except a balance update that occurred early on. The update went on without notice and just as players were looking for new features, Epic Games announced that the current season (Season 11) will run till early February.

How you react to this all depends on how you view the new Chapter but Epic is working on some big changes. These changes will possibly have a huge effect on how the Battle Royale is going to be played over the years. What Fortnite players have in their minds is how the next season is going to be but the ”live experience” Epic mentioned.

Fortnite Live Experience

Ever since the announcement, players have their own theories in their minds about the live experience. Most players think that it will be related to competitive. Similar to how the Fishing Frenzy works, players might take their turns to compete on matches where they can earn free rewards. This suits the scenario as the developer also mentioned free rewards in the announcement.

We expect the new Competitive to begin once the season comes to an end. Given that Epic loves e-sports, new competitive matches similar to how Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers worked might be a new feature, but nobody can know for sure at the moment.

Season 11 Release Date

Epic Games usually release new seasons for Fortnite the day after a season ends. However, this one is can be a little bit different as Epic had never extended the duration of a season this long. Fortnite is changing and as soon as we have more updates from the developer, we will let you know. You can check our other posts on next season by clicking the link below.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 (Season 12)

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