Lox Fortnite Skin Reveal

Lox Fortnite Skin Reveal this is lux's unreleased fortnite skin each elimination i got unlocks i got to design another part of the lock skin the reason i'm not wearing, the skin yet is because it's on release wait until later in the video hey. Dude how you doing today sir why did you bring me into a 1v1 map it doesn't make sense you just said it looks big. Surprise let's just say epic games contacted me and they um wanted me to design your epic games icon serious skit sir where are you going i'm flying.

Bro i'm flying wait wait wait wait wait say that again they wanted you to, design what each elimination i get on you i get to design whatever i want and each elimination you get on. Me you get to design whatever you want for your skin wait my. Own icon skin i'm finally getting one no way dude that's actually so sick bro wait wait wait wait why why did you eliminate oh man you said you're designing my skin oh. Yeah yeah yeah so okay why is that so bad bro i'm okay you eliminated me dude design my skin, you know what i look like yeah you're a sip so um everything i designed you is.

Gonna be separated what do you mean what do you, mean all right let's get started right now so locks um before we you know like it started.

With an emote or like a back bling or anything like that i think we should probably do a back. Fling all right a back blink i guess so i i mean why not bro but what are you designing it to look, like say hello to the luxe back bling it has a nice chicken in a box and well locks it says simp stuff cause you are a simple and i don't know what's wrong with you but.

You like any girl no dude, that is cap bro dude you're you're lying bro no dude that's not true dude you're not actually gonna gonna submit that you're not gonna submit. That bro i don't know man a chicken in. A box with um all right all right listen listen listen listen listen what if i eliminate you can i design the skin please sounds good to me and wait for what i designed for locks. Next all right. Dude well you don't want to say goodbye boo no no no no no chill chill locks locks lock socks i got you an icon serious skin you should remember, making me a step bro like what actually are you gonna do put red lipstick on my cheek or something i mean maybe hey hey stop stop stop it right. Now sir i. Am going to design your wraps next for all of your guns all right sounds good to me stop bro chill guys get ready for the rap rude stop bro this is not a joke, dude this is my official icon skin wait what dude. Just tell me you're just going to do something normal i am so happy that epic games contacted me to get your icon serious skin all right so. Um i mean i eliminated you again so i guess we'll show your rap on the screen dude what kind of chicken, is that is that grilled chicken oh this is simple that's so.

Ugly why would you do that and wait until later when we reveal the entire skin all at once dude what's. Wrong with it it describes you you know you're going down nope not going down, sir sir sir listen listen to me right now if you want to do a 1v1 again i mean i guess i'll i guess i'll reveal, the next part of the icon series skin dude get out of, here get out of here boxes absolutely no idea i have 10 000 health say goodbye mr top5 we are. Going to reveal the next part of the skin he has no idea of cheats i still have ten thousand health oh wait where is. He where is he what is it oh say goodbye all your shields. Are gone please stop i want to design my own skin bro i don't want it to look like a stamp box really thinks that epic games partnered with me and we're gonna design the skin. Together we have, the back bling we have the wrap all right next up is the emote dude you're not mad that i'm designing them for you no no, you just just make it like like an air guitar or something or like skateboarding or something for like. Something cool i have your exact emote designed locks what is it do you have the kiss kiss emote do it right now now yeah. Yeah yeah it's dissimo why imagine a full on screen. Of pokeman yeah that's what your emote is gonna be dude wait we doing a kiss kiss them up to a pokey main screen yeah is that bad or what you are literally going too far. With this you're about to show the entire skin but um first of all, i think lox is about to realize we might be cheating it locks dude how you doing so um all right you.

Know what i'm so sick of this you're going down before once and for all get.

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