Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS

Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS we're taking a look at the biggest leaks yet for fortnight chapter two season eight as we go on a journey of information in this video leading us through the end of this season the live event for this. Season and then all of the juicy information about season eight including new, skins map changes and more you do not want, to miss this hit the thumbs up button in the next three seconds if you're excited for the next season of fortnight what we're.

About to see will blow your mind before we can jump into all the season 8. News we need to understand how this season is going to finish because it's super important for the storyline at the moment to finish off this season we've got the return of wild week something we saw last season, in. Fortnite which is mini updates and changes to the loot pool every thursday to finish us off for the rest, of this season the very first one's gone live today and includes a stealthy variance of weapons being added into the loot pool which is the scar pistol sniper and more. Since you're playing fortnite for the next week you'll see all of those around the map be sure to hit that subscribe button to be notified for all, the rest of the wild week changes we know fortnite love their.

Collaborations and the collaborative skins are gonna keep on coming this season wonder woman has been officially announced. And she's gonna be coming to the store tonight she may even be in there right now stop a.

Second though and be sure to pop code ali as a supporter creator when you're in.

The store you can get a shout out in my videos just like this and the wonder woman skin is going to. Include an armored version as well a cape glider pickaxe and more she looks incredible and she's finally in game now, who remembers this image from the previous season in the background it's the very first time we saw loki being teased and there was another skin as well that, looked very much like the short-haired version of thor what if i told you the same actor chris hemsworth. From another film called extraction is going to be coming to the game and his name is tyler rake you can. See part of the model here to expect that and even more collaborative skins to be releasing before the season, ends talking of the end of the season how are we gonna transition from, season seven to season eight well let me tell you it sounds incredible the, biggest problem obviously this season is a thing up in the sky it's the alien mothership it's huge it's abducting locations. It's destroying the fortnight map with everything alien that it's doing when we first visited the, inside of the mother ship we saw lots of poise including ones from the very first chapter of fortnite this crossover was.

Mind-blowing but the mothership was not done there as it started.

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