Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass what's that lurking beneath your bed last year's halloween costume nope it's new fortnite skins we designed for season eight forget about the monsters we've got some folks that, are even scarier than that let's check them out what better way to introduce the halloween season than to have jason voorhees chase, you down jason's playable character would be fitted in his dingy jumpsuit and would have to show off his famous. Hockey mask this friday the 13th character would come equipped with his favorite weapon a machete he could test out how. Sharp it is on some trees some cars or you know meowsle's head for a back bling jason would come with double. Hockey sticks because you don't want to double cross this slasher, and if you do you better run if jason showed up in fortnight in season eight then we'd imagine you could, find him walking around the island by misty meadows during night time and he'd ask you to, bring him a boat he could drive around the lake during daytime he would wander around weeping woods though he wouldn't say much he would just show up at the front door.

Of your log cabin for an emo jason would come with one called the friday night slasher where he'd lift.

Up his hockey mask worms would crawl, out of his eye sockets and he'd start laughing like laugh it up if we can have other insane villains from 80s. Movies like terminator robots and xenomorphs then we think it's time for epic to add some other terrifying icons like jason would you agree on to the next we wanted to bring another scary character, to season eight so we designed a. Killer clown this creep originally was a member of the circus but when he fell off his unicycle. And hit his head he went crazy killer clown went on a rampage and suddenly got abducted by aliens. Then he wound up on fortnite island his skin is designed after a classic clown and was originally intended to entertain children and families now he. Looks like he entertains demons his clothes and face got a little roughed up from hopping over barbed wire fences and running, through alleyways we wanted to make him even scarier than pennywise for his pickaxe he'd come equipped with an intense chainsaw and for his backbling he'd. Come with a reactive jack in the box that popped out every time he, scored a kill for his glider he would use a. Circus tint as a parachute he stole one before he ran off and as a skin specific emote we'd give killer clown one called balloon animals where he'd, inflate balloon animals and then they'd pop he'd even have 10 different balloon animals and each. Time it'd be a different one if he were an npc on the map you could find him over at the flush factory trying to convert, it into a prank machine factory he may even enlist the help of, joker would you want to use a crazy clown character like this guy next season okay next up after kevin the cube returns to, the island we expect he will start turning some characters to the. Dark side we're worried our favorite mechanic jewels could get mixed up in the havoc and ultimately an alter ego of hers will get produced meet phantom jewels she's capable of fates worse than scrap, night jewels she's been turned a hazy shade of purple. And answers to the storm queen instead of her pals like midas for her pickaxe phantom jewels would come equipped with the gut wrench. Not only will she haunt your dreams but she'll also smash her most prized possessions with her powerful gut wrench phantom jewels would come with a clay, cube back bling which is a small version of kevin that would mold into, the shape of someone's face she just eliminated instead of om for her glider she would instead come with a midnight. Owl a purple mechanical device that would screech when a full moon was out her skin's specific emote would be the purple haze in, which her midnight owl would fly around her. And breathe a haze of purple smoke as an npc phantom jewels would be located at the mechanic shop near caddy corner she would ask you to help her collect parts to build a machine, but instead of paying you.

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