Fortnite SEASON 7

Fortnite SEASON 7 the fortnite island has been invaded by aliens ready to wage war against the imagined order who's losing control fast we saw the zero point get abducted by the alien's mothership but.

There's a reason it still remains on the island we just don't know why that. Is dr sloane a high-ranking member of the io is determined to retrieve the zero point and eliminate, this new threat to the island and it doesn't look like she's trying to be secretive with her plans at all because leaks reveal the imagined order are building a bomb to. Destroy the mothership and regain control of the loop and fine i know i like to be a little dramatic with these story videos, but can we step back and just appreciate how absolutely insane. All this sounds thank you donnie we appreciate you but all of this is tying together to.

Reveal the big plot of chapter 2 and the future of the fortnite islands.

So in order for you to understand things we'll rewind and start this story from the beginning in the weeks, leading up to season seven the fortnite island began preparing for an imminent alien invasion highlanders like marigold and bunker jonesy began investigating and soon, enough the imagined order got word of the invasion as the imagined order were busy increasing their presence on the island and bringing, experts like rick sanchez to help investigate the aliens wasted zero time they, approached the island using their huge mothership with the first item on their agenda being the zero point they destroyed the spire ripping the zero points straight out of it and pouring it into their. Mothership at this same.

Time the imagined order has declared war on the aliens which is being led by dr slo dr sloan is a character who's appeared in the last two seasons trailers she was the voice on, the phone to jon. Jones during the season 5 trailer as well as the person who he betrayed in season 6's zero crisis event he turned his back on the imagine order and, saved reality getting trapped in the loop as a consequence but now dr sloan has come to the island to fend off against the aliens and is, the protagonist for. Season seven she is one of the highest ranking employees of the imagined order and has instructed them to set up bases all.

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