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Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS

Fortnite Season 8 BIGGEST LEAKS we're taking a look at the biggest leaks yet for fortnight chapter two season eight as we go on a journey of information in this video leading us through the end of this season the live event for this. Season and then all of the juicy information about season eight

Welcome To Fortnite Season 8

Welcome To Fortnite Season 8 the cube is returning and we're getting a naruto crossover here are some new leaks about fortnite's chapter 2 season 8. let's start with the minty legends pack this is a pack that's. Expected to be coming out on november 2nd of this, year around the same time that the

Season 6 Event Gameplay

Season 6 Event Gameplay that's our ticket home do not make me regret this and get that looper ready we don't have much time, blooper you again never mind looks sharp we're saving reality what did you do to the zero point it wasn't me there was an incident with this level of. Entanglement i

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass dOCTOR SLONE: Alright, listen up. We don't have much time. We now stand at the brink of war. With an enemy we do not understand. We face impossible odds. And invaders within our ranks. But we have something they don't. A. Reason to fight! Whether you've always

Season 7

Season 7 then.. the rest of them showed up. NEWSCASTER: While the island is certainly no stranger to strange phenomena, never before have we seen anything quite like this. .

All Season 7 Map Updates and Story Secrets

All Season 7 Map Updates and Story Secrets hello there the final update of season seven is here the end of season event is fast approaching and things are about to take a turn for the worst on br island this. May be the last time we see the current island there's a metric ton

Lox Fortnite Skin Reveal

Lox Fortnite Skin Reveal this is lux's unreleased fortnite skin each elimination i got unlocks i got to design another part of the lock skin the reason i'm not wearing, the skin yet is because it's on release wait until later in the video hey. Dude how you doing today sir why did you bring