All Season 7 Map Updates and Story Secrets

All Season 7 Map Updates and Story Secrets hello there the final update of season seven is here the end of season event is fast approaching and things are about to take a turn for the worst on br island this. May be the last time we see the current island there's a metric ton of.

Law to go through today and of course the usual map changes that, make no sense but make us all happy all the same be sure to slap in a creator code if you buy. Cosmetics on fortnite is mine if you'd be so kind but a simple like is just as helpful let's see what week 13 has in store for us all with every update this season i run. Straight to, the hashtag tiny chair hill from the days it sat proud on this hill all alone to the day it shrank so small we, could barely see it last update the chair was added to with a bear and a telescope and, now take a look this week i'll give you a second to see if you can spot the very important change here you got, it it's slightly bigger this week yep that's the hard hitting content you come here for right the chair. Is less tiny right now if i had to guess what happens next i believe the chair will regrow to its original size along with. The bear and telescope it's an absolutely pointless update but i like it let's crack on.

This week we saw the change in name to the former slurpee swamps it's now sludgy swamps this is actually a pretty big deal around these parts we are, now unable to claim shields by, walking through the swamplands after the aliens took away slurpee it no longer produced slope juice which could mean, this is officially the worst spot to land in fortnite right now but hey every cloud has a silver lining because when epic takes something away they give us something in return get. Your butt over to the farmland east of corny complex steel farm has evolved do you recognize the object that is, added this week hell yeah baby og, hut watch is right there i'm having flashbacks to the original building all those years ago i guess we've got to do this thing this place has been upgraded extremely slowly first the addition of a barricade, which was added to a month later when it was fortified and right now the overlooking tower is here i can't decide, if this is story related or just a fortnight dev having a bit of fun if, it's the latter brofist coming your way fortnite dev, okay there's a couple of little things you may not have noticed in the past few updates over at ferris bueller's house the season three rocket league posters are now updated to season, four hate isn't a big deal we're just here for map changes i need.

Your help with this next one i cannot find the bromance anywhere they are missing in action i may have missed them on, my search so please please if you find them please hit.

Me up on twitter we need them in our life and they also know how, to bring down the alien ship so they must be here somewhere if you're wondering i've also checked back on the burial site of bushranger and i can confirm no update here at all the, weird music still plays as the tree sits waiting to grow maybe he'll be. Back just before the season ends he's very close to the alien biome bushranger may bloom.

Into something new from both those world's realities or most likely this story will pick, up in season so when you first clicked on fortnite today did you notice the ui has changed and it's going to revolutionize how we interact with fortnite it's clear that with the updates, coming to creative user generated content is the way forward so quick tip build something and release it when you can be, part of this movement and you never know this could be your career in years to come i'm putting together.


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